18 June 2011

European Vacation + Chinese European Vacation + Modern Parents

Some interesting reads about Europe:

In short: way less.

Fascinating -- the group ate only Chinese food, spent most of their time on the bus, and had a tour guide who was very critical of Europeans.

And then, for fun, a superlong Atlantic article re parenting that I very much enjoyed:


ck said...

Thanks for posting the Atlantic article...fascinating. Have to say, much of it smacks of Montessori:)

Fave part:
“A principal at an elementary school told me that a parent asked a teacher not to use red pens for corrections,” she said, “because the parent felt it was upsetting to kids when they see so much red on the page. This is the kind of self-absorption we’re seeing, in the name of our children’s self-esteem.”

MamiGold said...

I read all 3 of these, so interesting. Loved the parenting one of course, we are in the throes of power plays over food with Ruby and sometimes I feel terrible about forcing her to take a bite of some cold weird thing that we've talked about for 2 hours, even though I know it's the right thing to do.

Jennifer! I decided I want to be a for-real mommy blogger too, and yours and this one (dooce.com)are my favorite so far! Thanks for being an awesome writer, awesome mommy and an inspiration.