02 June 2011


One more post for my vlog this week. Soren's class did a singalong last week. His role: a duckling. That song is second below; first, a common French children's song, "Savez-vous planter les choux?" ("Do you know how to plant cabbage?") He's the tall one in the middle with a duck bill on his forehead.

On the duck song, you can hear his teacher (our beloved Ewa) trying to slow the pace down, but the children see the end in sight and plow ahead for it. Around 4:00 she gives up.

Earlier, one of Soren's classmates played a tune on the violin. Four-year-old + stringed instrument -- you get the idea. In the middle of it, Clara asked loudly, "Is this a song, Mommy?"


Anonymous said...

Soren, you quack me up.


Lauren said...

Soren looks so tall! And mature.