28 July 2011

Air America

We received our air shipment a couple weeks ago. To save space in our sea container some strange items ended up coming by air -- strange in that they are items we did not feel a pressing need to possess while living in a temporary, furnished apartment: a box spring and a love seat.

We had to save space in our sea shipment because we were maxing it out. Ick. We have too many belongings. I know almost exactly how many we own because I had to fill out a detailed insurance form listing the quantity and estimating the replacement value of everything we own that was sent by air or sea. Please don't ask me how many items of baby clothing we possess. It's embarrassing to the point of absurdity. Much consigning and craigslisting and donating to occur this fall.

But we also put some things in it, purposefully, that sit here shaming me. My KitchenAid mixer, used weekly in normal life, sits in the corner of the counter, cool and detached. We need to get reacquainted in a few months. Not just the mixer, but also my kitchen scale. And the flour, even, and baking soda and baking powder that I bought on one of my first trips to Cub -- they are unopened in the cupboard. We don't have many baking pans in the apartment, for one thing, but I just have no desire to whip up a batch of cookies.

The depths I have sunk to as a hostess became apparent when my father-in-law was here a couple weeks ago. He made an impromptu visit to help us address all the items we had to do on the house we're selling. (Don't you wish you had a Handyman Fairy? We are blessed!) One evening after eating pizza out, we all stopped at Walgreens, I ran in to pick up a couple items, and I grabbed a treat for us three adults to enjoy once the kids were asleep. So, for dessert, I served my guest one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup out of a king-size package. Help me!

My favorite item to arrive was an inadvertent one. The pile of items we designated for the air shipment was placed next to a bookcase in our home in Belgium, and the movers asked if we wanted all the books in it packed for the air as well. We didn't, but nonetheless one snuck in: The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Every time I see that behemoth on our dresser I feel a little jolt of amusement at the idea of trying to read through it in the midst of this unusual summer.


Nicci Tse said...

I have been thinking about you and wondering how things are going. So glad you put down Shakespeare to update. ;)Yay on the houses! Was that your first catch up bill? Like a total one for all of your years?!!! If so, YIKES!!!
We have gone the way of the same monthly amount on our electric/gas here-that part I liked about BE. The part that is better here is the catch up bill is divided over the next 12 month period. Although we did find a way to break up our bill into 3 months in BE, it was a much more painful process involving translators and rudeness. You know.
How is Chubs? Pudge? I've forgotten baby's nickname, but I mean the recipient of all of those baby clothes.

Nicci Tse said...

I meant Plumps! Had to do a little re-read. My memory stinks.

Jennifer Lee said...

No, not our first catch-up. But still shocking -- 1/3 again of what we had paid all year (which already seems so expensive).

Plumps is doing well. 34 weeks now -- this pregnancy has flown by. I've already been to my new midwife group a couple times, visited the new hospital -- it will be quite a change from Cavell!