14 August 2011


Matthew and I have been married for twelve years today. Cheaper by the dozen, baby!

When I was crushing on my terribly handsome guy friend in college, no part of my daydreams around him involved considering whether one day we would be able to navigate the intricacies of parenting three children, moving internationally, changing jobs, buying and selling a home, and expecting a baby together in the course of one year (and oh yeah, that cycling accident too). We could not have planned it -- we had no idea what lay ahead for us -- so I consider it all grace that we have grown together and loved each other through it all. And today especially I am thanking God for this marriage that brings me such joy.

So much joy that I want to sing this to him -- both parts, why not: Tammi and Marvin are all the other needs to get by (although, aww, this video is way better because Tammi and Marvin are in it: Ain't No Mountain High Enough).

I can't wait until we renew our vows and have a big party with all our friends and family for our ?th anniversary, and I get a beehive and we sing this song. (Right, Matthew?) Please RSVP in the comments with what song you will perform at this event.

(If you do not have a tune in mind, I am also looking for a partner to help me with the best song from the 1980s. This song is irresistible. I will need to acquire black leather pants and a Cosby sweater so I can do Philip Bailey's part. I may not have the vocal range for it, but I do indeed have the lip syncing range. Ee-eesy LOVER!)